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Extra, Extra

When Gary Miller took a spur of the moment chance and attended a local casting call for the movie “42,” he never expected it would to lead to a new hobby of sorts.

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Five things Chattanooga needs on its plate.

Surrounded by Atlanta and Nashville, does Chattanooga even have room to carve out its own piece of Southern food culture?

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The House that Love Built

A stunning Ooltewah estate.

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Sheer Determination

One Orange Grove Center resident’s journey to compete in the Special Olympics World Games.

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Carefree Boating

On any given summer day, the surface of Lake Chickamauga is buzzing with activity.

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Chattanooga: A Canvas for Film

Chattanooga is a visually captivating city.

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20 Under 40 Class of 2015 Yearbook

“These individuals have found the door to The Chattanooga Way.” — Hodgen Mainda

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In Tune: We All Fall for Nightfall

As a music fan, it is an exciting time to be in Chattanooga.

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Portrait of an Artist in Chattanooga

Amid stacks of large colorful paintings, Tennessee native Michael Smelcher ties a smock around his waist. He stands before an easel, paintbrush in hand. On his good days, he says, he calls himself a painter.

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Chuck it!

How Chuck Fleischmann, Congress’ left-handed second baseman, learned to turn “can’t” into “can”

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Getting Tanked

With a low rumbling roar, the multi-ton, metal beast lurches forward then rocks and rolls up and over dirt mounds like a roller coaster. but it’s not an amusement park ride, It’s an armored personnel carrier—a tank!

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Five Things: APRIL

Crabtree Farms is hosting its 15th annual Spring Plant Sale and Festival, complete with workshops, crafts, garden plants and food. The event is perfect for the whole family and features more than 180 varieties of plants from vegetables to herbs to flowers and more. Find out more at

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Coming full circle

Twins bringing history with Lookouts partnership

When the Los Angeles Dodgers elected late last summer to end their six-year partnership with the Chattanooga Lookouts in order to position their Class AAA and Class AA affiliates in Oklahoma, the Minnesota Twins were quick to become Chattanooga’s new parent club. And with the new relationship comes a lot of history in this city.

Harvested Here Grows

chattanooga farm-to-table organization gaining ground

In the months since Harvested Here Food Hub launched, leaves fell off the trees, the ground has frozen over several times, and Chattanooga has endured a stretch of rain we thought would never end. But now that the sun is out and the growing season is in full swing, the organization that brings mid-sized farmers' crops to the dinner tables of Chattanooga is flourishing.

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Say it with a sign

Flockanooga helps locals make a big statement for special occasions.

Sharon Lewis regularly sneaks into strangers’ front yards in the middle of the night, with a flashlight and mallet in hand.

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Hixson Pike Hunt

At a glance, the northern section of Hixson Pike can seem cluttered with strip malls and traffic.

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Jason Isbell

Changes are part of life. Some changes can be good, while life throws others our way that do not go exactly as planned. Either way, we face changes every day. However, some people go through drastic changes that turn their life in a completely different direction, and that pretty much sums up how things have been going for Jason Isbell the past 15 years. Maybe it is because he is a musician and a public figure and we notice more, but either way, his journey has been full of changes.

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Destination: Derby

More than just a two-minute horse race, the Kentucky Derby brings a wide range of people together to honor Southern traditions.

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Pet Pantry

Local organization supports pets in need

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