Animal Advocate


Emma Bird, holding the poster she designed with David McCain and McCain Designs.








Though Emma Bird is only now at the peak of her high school career as a senior at Baylor School, she is already changing the world, one step at a time. Extremely loyal to her interests, Emma sticks with her passions until she sees them through, from earning her Gold Award in the Girl Scouts to playing lacrosse to delving into the intricate field of cellular biology. Working alongside the Pet Placement Center, Wally’s Friends and McCain Designs, Emma is launching a spay and neuter awareness campaign with posters she created to benefit her most beloved passion: animals.

❖ I made the spay and neuter poster for my Girl Scouts Gold Project. With Girl Scouts you have the bronze, silver and gold projects. I’ve actually done my silver and gold projects with Pet Placement. The gold is just like the end of Girl Scouts. My mom was my Girl Scout troop leader starting from first grade, so I guess she really inspired me to just finish it. My mom has always backed me in everything I wanted to do.

"I designed the poster with David McCain and McCain Designs (which created the dog-cat state license plates). I’m hoping to educate everyone about how great the number is of cats and dogs that are euthanized in shelters and the fact that I want to get everyone to spay and neuter. The poster was one part of the project, but I also worked with Pet Placement and just helped with drives to get in a lot of supplies that they need."

❖ I have a dog, a lizard and two turtles. I’ve had a fish and I fostered a cat for a while from Pet Placement. Hopefully, my family is about to get another dog. You get to take care of them; it’s a lot of responsibility but at the same time they give so much back to you. Especially with cats and dogs, they care for you as much as you care for them.

❖ I’ve always loved Baylor because they support anything you want to do. There’s so much school spirit. It’s such a tight-knit community, so I’ve always felt included at Baylor and I love that. That’s why I actually want to go to a small college; it’s because I love that community feel in school.

❖ I’ve applied to a lot of schools up north. I miss the snow. My parents are English. We moved up North first, and then we moved down to Tennessee. We go back to England to visit my family. I don’t have a British accent at all. People think I can, but I think I let them down a lot.

❖ There’s a global aspect to all of the Girl Scout projects, and I contacted some family over in England and I sent a PDF copy of the poster to the equivalent of ASPCA in England and they actually responded. I don’t know if they’ve used it, but they said they really appreciated it so it was a good step.

❖ I want to go to Spain or Italy. I love languages. I’m taking Spanish in school, but I always thought it would be cool to speak Italian or French or any other language.

❖ I’ve been playing lacrosse since middle school and I just love it. My best friend is the one who convinced me to play. It was new to Baylor; I liked the idea of watching the program grow, and it definitely has. I like the sport because I feel like I get to be independent on the field, but the team aspect is also important.

"The reason I started with Pet Placement — why I got involved in shelters in general — was in middle school, I was interviewed for the school paper about what my passion was and I just said “Animals.” A lady from Pet Placement got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to come and volunteer. I’ve been spending as much time as I could there since then. I really became more interested in the fact that Pet Placement was a “no-kill” shelter, the only one in the local area. So that amazed me, the fact that other shelters could kill so many animals for population control."

❖ When I first started out with lacrosse I was afraid of the ball. Over the years I have become more aggressive as a player and I’m not afraid of making a difference on the field or contributing to the team. I think I’ve grown as a person because of lacrosse. I’ve definitely gotten more confident. I used to be very timid, and over the years I’ve come out of my shell through communicating on the field and talking with people outside of the game.

❖ My favorite class I ever took was AP biology last year, which was definitely hard, but it was really interesting to me. I’ve always pictured myself in a lab coat working on a cellular basis or just discovering something. It’s always been interesting to me, the fact you can craft something or cure something. I used to always want to be a vet, but now my interest is more on the cellular level. But I could still be a vet; I think my love of biology is definitely connected to my love of animals. It’s a love of science.

❖ I’ve also always liked the idea of joining the Peace Corps. The idea of going to a country and making a difference or knowing that you did something really appeals to me. If I had a degree in biology I could work with vaccinations or something like that.