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Country roots singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega

With the glam and pop influence that country music has been overwhelmed by since the mid 1990s, true genuine country music artists have found it harder to break through in their own genre and get picked up by major labels and played on the radio airwaves. However, it is refreshing to know that these true artists still exist and they are still working hard to take back the country music scene that their predecessors once led. One day, we can only hope that country music will be “country” music again.

One new, bright shimmer of hope that has recently emerged onto the music scope comes in the form of Lindi Ortega. Hailing from Toronto, she spent more than a decade gaining success in the Toronto music scene before relocating to Tennessee to further enhance her country music career. Minus the Southern twang, Ortega represents a true and simple side of country roots that shows tribute to the likes of the female country greats.

Refusing to adapt to the pop culture influence of the current country music scene, Ortega writes songs that bring real-life joy, sorrow and pain to a genre that needs more and more of this passion.

With powerful, angelic vocals reminiscent of an older, truer time in country music, combined with her great songwriting ability, it is only a matter of time before Ortega is recognized by the masses.

One way she has set out to do this is by touring with artists from other genres, trying to reach fans of her roots music any way she can. She has toured with rock bands and performed at various festivals, and is currently touring with the rock band Social Distortion.

The tour will make a stop at Track 29 on Tuesday Nov. 13, where Chattanoogans will get a chance to witness Ortega bring her shimmer of hope for a country music genre that desperately needs more artists like her shining through.

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